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It can be daunting when it’s Sunday, and you have to prepare for the week. Many of us experience that by the time you realize it’s already Sunday night, an overwhelming whiff of the fact that you’re returning to either school or work the next day strikes you. You experience anxiety over the upcoming responsibilities while you wish that you can extend the weekends. Many have had these experiences, but don’t fret! They are normal and conquerable. I will share with you ways to overcome them and to be more prepared for the week.

Set time for “Me Time” to reflect on your week preparation.

Sundays are usually for family activities, chores, grocery shopping, and a whole lot more. However, we often forget that Sundays are also for recharging. Because of this, it’s essential that within the 24 hours of Sunday, you have a moment for solitude. Plan at least 20 minutes of no interruptions to organize and prepare for the week. If 20 minutes is not enough, feel free to adjust according to your needs.

Practice timed journaling to prepare for new events in the upcoming week.

Since “Me Time'” is time-bound, it would be rejuvenating and practical to express everything you have in mind on paper or on your computer with a set timer. You let all your apprehensions, highlights, etc. out of your system without getting too attached or drained from all the expressing. This way, you’re fully able to prepare for the week without being held back by the baggage of the past week. To get into the flow of writing, I recommend playing a song you’d like to write to. The song you choose will be your timer and, at the same time, the soundtrack for your journaling. It doesn’t have to be the same song every time you journal. You can always pick a different song, as long as you’re enjoying and it fits your preference.

Create a to-do list to organize your week preparation.

Now that you’ve released all your thought murmurs, list down and date all your deadlines, chores, appointments, and other responsibilities for the entire week. As much as possible, arrange the tasks on your to-do list according to their due dates. Prioritize the task that you need to do the soonest, and if in case you don’t have rigid due dates, be sure that you spread out the tasks. By doing this, you’ll be able to prepare everything that’s required without putting yourself under mental stress.

Make a checklist of items you’ll need for the week.

What makes this list different from your to-do list is this is more about objects. Maybe you’re the type of person who needs to be reminded of bringing items, such as your water bottle, a gift to a co-worker, whatever it may be. This can be somewhat like a packing list for the next day’s events, which can also be your guide if you plan on gathering all the items before you go to bed.

Splurge on the rest of the Sunday 🙂

End your conquest with anything you desire. Watch the movie you’ve been setting aside, work on your adult coloring book, go to the gym, anything! You’re ready to face the new week, so you might as well ease into it with a pleasure that will no longer feel guilty.

Final thoughts

There are seven days in a week, and the weekends are the days people look forward to the most. But as long as you set an intention to recharge before your hectic weekday routines, you’ll calmly walk into each day with confidence. Have a blissful week!

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